Join sailing Tilda

There is many ways to join this journey. Some of you follow the Youtube channel or my other social media. Those who want a little more insight
and be more part of it becomes patreons. But what if you actually want to join the crew?

I do like to open opportunity to come sailing on Tilda for Let’s go Sailing Tilda’s patreons.  

If you want to check out my Patreon-page you find more info here:

Not everyone has the chance of owning a boat or go sailing. I myself have had a lot of chances to crew before I bought my own boat so it seems
reasonable to give the chance back. And not the least I like to get to know new people! If you’ve watched some Youtube episodes and feel like sailing on Tilda would be for you, here is a few things for you.

Where will up-cpoming sailing be? The plans for next part is to sail from Scandinavia towards Mediterranean through the inland Waterways of Europe. On Patreon you will find more up to date information of the plans on where we sail and how you can communicate your interest.

What to expect?

Well, long-term cruising is not a charter holiday. Or an endless party. This means a few things important to know:

Evereybody helps out with everything they can manage. Boat life needs both navigation, cooking, washing dishes and sometimes fixes. And yes, sometimes things break and that affects time plans.

You might wounder if it requires of you to know how to sail? Well, not really. It depends a lot on what stretches and who else is on the boat. The most important is to be:

  • genuin about experience
  • trustworthy and responsibel,
  • flexible (things does not always go the planned way),
  • easy going and have a happy relaxed mode!

Easy hah? So, if you are less experienced in sailing it is no problem at most parts of the journey, it is just important to give a fair level descpription!


Are you okay with being on Youtube? I document my adventure in videos and film a lot so yes… You will have to be okay with that.

How much do we actually sail? Well, not an easy question. It depends.. But in general I rather experience as much as possible than sail as much as possible. I like to sail where the wind blows and can easily wait for good weather to have a more pleasant sail. If there is a nice place I consider it no problem to stay a couple of days for excursions or a relaxed time. It’s really no hurry to get anywhere if you enjoy where you are at!

There is no set time plan. Since this is nothing like charter, there is no fixed schedule and not always easy to plan for being at a certain point at a certain time. That means it does require a little flexibility of you to get to and from the boat. That also means super short stays can a  bit difficult and it might be you are not gonna sail the exact stretches you thought. But hey, we try to work it out!

This sail is a budget project, what does that mean? Well, this is not my week of vacation for the year where there is some extra of everything. I try to keep it simple and be aware of resources regardless of if it is money or power consumption or water consumptions or anything else. Tilda is a small basic boat where nothing is unlimited, especially not space! Normally I eat most meals on board and we also keep meals simple and there is very limitetd possibilities for special diets.

Shared costs. Expences increase with more people on board and there is a shared comsumption cost applying to join sailing. Due to what was learn last season with different numbers of persons aboard it ended around 25 euro a day. Of course if eating out or if you want something extra you pay for your own expences. Alcohol is normally not included in the shared cost, not only because of costs, but also this is not an endless vacation with drinks and beers every day every week.

Skipper’s rules is always to follow. Sometimes things needs to be done in a way that does not seem logical if you not used to boat life, but there is a reason behind that. It can be both to not cause things to break or to avoid extra work or out of safety reasons. Whenever skipper says any safety precautions shall be taken. Safety goes before your thoughts of comfort, regardless of if that means wearing life jackets, safety line attachements, closing hatches or anything else… But on the other hand, in general we discuss plans, where to go and what to do together, we all want a good time, right!?